Belgian heart failure nurses

The ‘Belgian heart failure nurses’ working group was set up in 2006 with the aim of uniting Belgian heart failure nurses.

A name change was implemented at the end of 2010. The official name of the working group has since been ‘Belgian Heart Failure Nurses’ (BHFN). The BHFN works together with the cardiologists of the Belgian Working Group on Heart Failure and Cardiac Function (BWGHF). Since 2011, the Belgian Heart Failure Nurses are also part of the Belgian Working Group for Cardiovascular Nursing (BWGCVN).

The working group consists of Dutch and French speaking nurses who help provide specialized care to patients with heart failure, based on the most recent European heart failure guidelines.


The current objectives of the Special Interest Group ‘Belgian Heart Failure Nurses’ are:

  • Network function and information point for heart failure nurses, nursing consultants and nurse specialists with heart failure as their work domain.
  • Promoting the expertise of nurses and nurse specialists involved in the care of patients with heart failure.
  • Signaling recent developments and anticipating them.
  • Initiating and supporting activities aimed at promoting cardiovascular health (e.g. Heart Week and Heart Failure Awareness Day) in collaboration with the BWGCVN and the BWGHF.