The Dutch-language BWGCVN award is a prize worth 500€ that is awarded annually to a quality project or scientific research in the field of cardiovascular nursing or related healthcare professionals.


Heb je een project in een Belgische instelling en denk je voor deze award in aanmerking te komen?

Translate to English: Do you have a project in a Belgian institution and do you think you qualify for this award?

Download the registration form by clicking on the image next to it and send this completed form to before August 1, 2023.

Award ceremony

On September 14th, the BWGCVN award will be presented and introduced at the 14th Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium in Hasselt. The winner will have the opportunity to present their project during this symposium.

For additional information regarding the award and the presentation, you can send an email to

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